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Delete files and folders

HI, I'm a new on installshield, and I created a Basic MSI project for install 2 diferent packages on the same seutp launcher on installshiled 2010.

So far so good, my setup install correctly, but when I try to uninstall this packages, I have a problem with delete files and folders.

On my tests, I realized that there are different behaviors for each operating system.

On Windows XP 64, vista 32, 64 and windows 8 bits the uninstall remove only one folder leaving the other folder.

In other operating systems all the files and folders are removed.

In my project the table Remove Files on Direct Editor, have only one entry, I tried to insert the other files but was unsuccessful.

Can anyone help me with this question?
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Level 9

Did you generate a log file of the uninstall (see to see if there are any error messages or why Windows Installer thinks it shouldn't delete the files?
Stefan Krueger
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