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DLL is placed in the wrong Support Dir


I want to call some functions form a own DLL from within the *.rul file.

In past I did this several times in another project.

But in the current project I have the following problem:

I placed my DLL in support files --> language indepented
During the setup I display the support dir with MessageBox ( SUPPORTDIR ...
I also checked the content of the subfolders of
>> C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Temp <<

The setup always creates tow {xxx???464616616} folders

In one folder my DLL is placed
and in the other on are all the other files of the setup

The support Dir I display with MessagBox( SUPPORTIDR ... points to the folder with all the other files.

1. Why is my DLL placed in another new sub folder of
>> C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Temp << ????

2. How can I force the setup to place the DLL in the other sub folder ?

Thanks in advance for your help
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Your project type is?

If your project type is MSI, please try to get SUPPORTDIR with MsiGetProperty.
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Level 5

Thanks for that fast answer.

The project type is: Basic MSI Project
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Level 5


thanks for that fast & helpfull answer.

The path that is retrieved with MsiGetProperty ( "SUPPORTDIR" ... )
is the right path. This is the path, where my DLL is placed.

==> Herewith the problem is solved.

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