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DLL in GAC_64 not removed after uninstalling msi

Hi, I deploy .NET dll in GAC_64 with Basic MSI Project. All works fine when installing msi, but when I uninstall it, all the folders with dll inside are not removed in the GAC_64 folder. Shared and Permanent option is set to No on all my components and the Destination option is GlobalAssemblyCache. Thank you for your advise !
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Re: DLL in GAC_64 not removed after uninstalling msi

Hi @mouillardc ,

GAC  component/assemblies references are maintained by windows during the installation and uninstallation, and the components/assemblies are removed only if its not used( reference count become zero).

Most of these cases can be figured out by doing the below:

1-  Enable the verbose log for the uninstalltion which will give info why the component is not removed.

2- See the msi is compiled properly, and the assemblies are not referenced by two components.

3 -  Validate the MSI package from Build->Validate->Full MSI Validation, which will provide info if there any breakage in the msi rules for compiling.

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