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DIFxDriverPackagePreinstall fails to updated install driver but returns IS_SUCCESS

Using IS 2018 on WIndows 10 IoT Enterprise 1809

We recently updated a device driver and I was asked to ensure it was installed properly via our InstallScript installer. The code that performs this is

szDriverPath = SUPPORTDIR ^ "\\UsbModuleDriver\\MyUpdatedModule.inf";
returnVal = DIFxDriverPackagePreinstall(szDriverPath, 0, 0);

This code has been in place for years and has always worked as expected. However, it is now failing to update the driver, and yet "returnVal" s always 0. There are no errors shown anywhere that I've found.

The responsible developer has added a new dll containing icons to conform to our company's styling policies, but the dll is present in the folder with the other driver components.

Using device manager, I can navigate to the device in question and update the driver manually with success.

I've been poking around the web and haven't found much of relevance, but did stumble across this:

It seems that DIFx tools have been deprecated as of Win 10 1607 and that makes me wonder if this might be the root cause?

Any ideas? Pointers?


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Flexera Alumni

Hi @seankeysight ,


I would need few details:

  • Could you please check while installing which process gets invoked through process monitor?
  • Would be great if you could share log files possibly from  windows\inf\ and windows\inf\
  • By any chance did you get to check this feature breakage on Windows version 1607 as well one version number lesser to it?This is to verify that it is because of deprecation issue.If so only solution is to provide your driver package as a standalone driver package that does not require an installer.



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