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Customized desktop shortcut

I am using vs 2010 and install shield limited edition 2011.
Now i want to give the option of check box .
Users sees a dialogue box with check box for desktop creation .If he checks icon is created else not.
I have seen examples but they point to custom dialogue boxes.
Is this possible in limited edition or i have to adopt any other alternative.(Execute C# form for shortcut creation as custom action)
thanks for your time!
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In InstallShield Limited Edition you would not be able to add a CheckBox in any Dialog. You could customize few settings in dialogs that is change bitmap image, Read me File and Launch an exe in Setup Complete Dialog.

For shortcut creation on desktop I have used the following VB script

Dim FileName
FileName = "SHORTCUT to Notepad"
Set shortcut = CreateObject("WScript.Shell").CreateShortcut(CreateObject("WScript.Shell").SpecialFolders("Desktop") & + "\" + FileName + ".lnk")
shortcut.Description = “Notepad.exe"
shortcut.TargetPath = "C:\Windows\Notepad.exe" [Target where the exe file is present]

Hope this helps you.

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