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Level 5

Customize Suite Wizard Footer


Is it possible to remove the "InstallShield" branding from the footer of the wizard dialogs in the suite designer?

Whilst it is reasonable to have it there as a default, i believe that it should be possible to remove the branding as it spoils the look/style of the dialog when it is being customized.


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Level 7

Somebody asked the same question shortly after yours. I posted my response from that post but the short answer is no and the long is answer is yes. It's easy to do but you will have to fiddle for a few minutes before you get it perfect. And it may only work in certain places and they may have closed that loop hole in the newer version (haven't yet updated to 2012).

Is there anyway I can control it's position, or appearance?

In 2010 in some dialogs it's a text field that can be deleted but then there is blank line the width of the string where you can't place anything in which is attached to the bottom of the dialog.

The way I got past it on the SdFinish and sdWelcomeMaint was to delete the text, and add my text field where their's appeared. If you move the bottom edge of the dialog up and down you will see you text field get covered up by an invisible line. Bring your text to the front and save immediately. You may have to move another field in order to save but if you do it right you can cover their inserted text...

Works for me in those specific dialogs. Other may be different or 'fixed'. Hope this helps.

Again hope this helps!
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