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Custom action and conditions

Hi There,

I've been working for two months with Installshield 2008 Porfessional.

Until now, i used to create simple custom actions (lauching another msi, an exe or a batch file) without using condition.
Now i need to copy different files but depending on one or two conditions.

For exemple, i have to copy fileA and fileB only if my computername contains "ITL". For your information, the name of my computer is ITL-CISOW-001.

Besides can i edit a file and modify some lines in it with a custom action or do i have to create a script that i will insert inside my msi?

Thank you for your helps guy and sorry for my english 🙂

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Flexera Alumni

For the conditions, please see the MSI help topic "Conditional Statement Syntax"; perhaps ComputerName<<"ITL" or ComputerName><"ITL" might be of use...
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