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Custom Setup size description incorrect

This should be a very simple question: I created a default Basic MSI installation that installs one file over 1 MB in size. The only other change from the default was to compress the files on release. Yet when the Custom Setup appears (when reinstalling) and the one and only feature is selected, the description says, "This feature requires 0KB on your hard drive". What needs to be done to have it report the correct number of KBs? (Working on Windows 7).

Thanks for any replies.
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Re: Custom Setup size description incorrect

I have an identical situation as you with one I just checked. Not that its bothersome to me since we just deploy this app silently. I also noticed that even with "Disable Change Button" and "Disable Remove Button" are set to Yes only Add/Remove is affected. For some reason I thought this would only allow for removal when the msi was used again. Now I know. 😕

Try setting your feature's "Display" to "Not Visible"
This, of course, will make the feature not visible, thus your modify screen having a blank selection box

OR, go to the "Direct Editor" then scroll down and select the UIText table. In the SelChildCostPos key you will see the following value:
This feature requires [1] on your hard drive.
change [1] to whatever you like. I set mine to 1 GigaByte and it worked fine, not that it requires a gig. Obviously you wouldn't want to do this when you have more than one feature visible...

To see this change you will need to uninstall the product and reinstall with your updated project.
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