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Custom Dialog with Changing the Font Color and Background


I have created a custom dialog (blank dialog). In that, I kept a bmp to display the image.

On that bmp, I placed a text to display the process of installation.

I have tried to use the TextStyle Table - Not working, because of custom dialog.

I have changed the Font by using the CtrlSetFont.

But how to change the Font Color and make it Transparent.

Note: For each text, already the Transparent property is True.
Attached the image for the reference

Please help on this.

Thanks & Regards,
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Level 3

In that attached image, my expectation is the right side one image.

my problem is left side one.
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I too facing the same problem. Unable to modify the font color of label.

Could you please let me know if you found the solution for this issue?



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Normally it is not possible to change colors of ISShield dialogs controls.

IS does not lead windows message WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC to script dialog function.

The only way to achieve a text color change is to use a c++ subclass. dll with subclassing function:

The call in script could be: subclass.SubClassWindowProc(hwndDlg,50);

It does work very well. Of course you have to build  subclass. dll for yourself.

ISScript Dialog with color textISScript Dialog with color text


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Do you have a sample project which is highlighting the text as red ? As it suits my requirement i am planning to reuse the same logic

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