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Custom Action to launch EXE that is installed with the installer?


I thought I edited that post with the full text...

My original problem was with launching a BATCH file from the custom action; I tried different scenarios, and nothing worked.

Since the BATCH file is a simple one liner that called an EXE, I ended up creating a custom action calling that EXE (installed filekey) instead.

That worked.

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There are two ways to launch the EXE once installed

1. Launch exe immediately after installation is finished
-> Go to Project Assistant
-> Installation Interview Tab
-> Select "Yes" (Do you want to give users an option to launch your application when the installation completes?)
-> Browse the required executable file.

You can see the option enabled in the Setup Success dialog

2. Custom action to launch: If followed the above steps we can see a custom action is added to the Custom Actions window
-> Here make it Asynchronous (No wait for completion)
-> Immediate Execution
-> Always excute
-> Install Exec Sequence -> After InstallFinalize
-> Provide the condition _IsMaintanance = "Change" OR _IsMaintanance = "Repair"

With the above steps, it worked for me. Once try and see if it works for you or not !!!
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Hi , Can you please tell the sequence you used to call that exe file. I have a redist file(.exe) that I need to launch before main installation.

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