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Custom Action To Remove Child Product

In my Basic MSI project, the setup need to include some child products. I have created two custom action: one to install child product and another to uninstall child product.

Both custom actions are using installscript function which call "LaunchAppAndWait" to call msiexec with command line parameter. As Windows Installer will not allow two instance of Execute sequence to run at the same time, so these custom action is placed "After ExecuteAction" in User Interface Sequence. The difference between them are the condition.
- child product installation condition: "NOT Installed and NOT PATCH"
- child product uninstallation condition: "REMOVE="ALL" OR MaintenanceMode="Remove"

My problem is the custom action to install child product is working fine but not with the custom action to remove child product. I tried to placed a MessageBox in the installscript function, but it never been called during uninstallation of my parent product. I wonder what's going wrong here as the former custom action is working fine but not the latter.

Please let me know if there's other way to remove child product.
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Level 6

I read an article in kb on how to create a nested installation here. The custom action type 7 and type 23 are not suitable for my setup. But I did try with the custom action type 39 to remove the child product.

I followed the instruction "Place this action between Install Validate and Install Finalize Actions in the Execute Sequence with the condition Installed AND REMOVE="ALL"." exactly the same, but the child product still not getting uninstall.
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Level 6

If anybody having the experience to remove another product in the setup during uninstallation, please share with me..

I do appreciate all suggestion.
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Level 5

Hi there.
I'm trying to do the same thing. Did you ever get resolution for this? I am very interested.

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Flexera Alumni

Can you set up a major-upgrade relationship between the two packages?
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