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Auto-Repair vs. Developers testing their Software

Dear all!

I'm facing a little dilemma...

The developers of our software want me to temporarly disable the auto-repair functionality of Windows Installer on their computers…

  • Almost all of our developers have current releases of our software installed on their computers.
  • Due to testing purposes they’d like to replace certain DLL or EXE-files to test them within a “real” environment
  • This is where the auto-repair service pops up and reinstalls the old files….

    NOTE: I already read about “deleting key-files” to disable auto-repair but I don’t want to change anything within the InstallShield project…

    So, here are my questions:

    • I don’t really think that these quick and dirty file replacing practices of our developers are actually Windows Installer compliant… My problem is that I cannot tell my developers how they have to test their software as I’m not really experienced in developing Windows Software. Could anybody please give me some hints or tell me about best practices?
    • What do you think about deleting or renaming the MSI file within C:\Windows\Installer\... to get temporarly rid of auto-repair?

    I’d really appreciate your help!

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    Hi there.
    To start with, I wouldn't test software on development machines. Or develop software on test machines.
    To answer your question though, you can disable the Windows Installer service. This will apply to all installed products, not just yours. The advantage is that you don't have to change your Installer project at all.

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