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Custom Action Sequencing Scenario/Question...

Hi again,

Here's my situation... We have a little installed widget that is run during install to do a few things (/i parameter passed) and during uninstall to clean up (/u passed). During install, I have my action sequenced after PublishProduct and I use a an EXE Installed with the product action conditioned NOT REMOVE="ALL".

What I was doing for the uninstall was to use the same type of custom action (installed file) only sequenced after UnpublishFeatures (before RemoveFiles) and conditioned with REMOVE="ALL".

Now, when I compile I get a warning that the MyUninstallAction action must be sequenced after the InstallFiles action, which of course won't work in this case. On uninstall, the RemoveFiles action would have already run and there would be no file to launch.

We've done it this way with our previous Wise installations, but apparently this should be handled in some other way with InstallShield. Should I be using a path referencing a directory action instead?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Level 16

If it was me, I'd drop the file in SUPPORTFILES and call it from there. InstallShield will handle the extraction and cleanup for you and you won't have to worry about race conditions on install/uninstall or your user running the exe out of process and messing your system up.
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Level 11

The problem with that is these files need to be installed because we have a manual registration mechanism if stuff goes crazy for some reason. The files in question are part of that process so if I don't install them, that's toast.

Am I on the right track with running from installed files during the install and running from path on removal?

I also posted something earlier about registering 64 bit components that are part of our 32 bit install. I was going to create a widget that would call RegAsm in Framework64 for these. This widget would not have to be installed. Currently I'm calling them from the Binary Table on both install and uninstall (to unregister). Is this the same as dumping stuff in SUPPORTFILES?
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Level 7

I have the same issue except the exe I want to run is installed by a chained MSI installer. I can't figure out how to run the .exe during uninstall before the file itself gets removed. Again, since the file is installed with the chained MSI, I don't have the option to put it in the Support Files. Any ideas?
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