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Crystal Reports CRRedist.msi

Hi everyone.
I have created a winforms application in VS2008 that uses Crystal Reports to display reports.
In the past i have always made due with the setup wizard that is built into VS2008 but now switched over to InstallShield 2009 Premier because its easier to create patches and small updates that can be downloaded off the website.

I have created a basic .MSI project that will install my application.
In the VS2008 setup project the depencies where automatically included. I have used the dependency scanner and added the dependencies that i need for my project.
I know that u need the merge modules to make use of the crystal reports so i added them as such(see in attachment Untitled.png)

Now i use the .Net 3.5 prerequesite including the SQL server prerequesite.

When i run the application after i have installed it i get this error when trying to view a report.(see in attachments Report.png)

Could anyone please lead in the right directions.
I have been sitting with the same problem for 2 weeks now.

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me too having same problem...

any help available?
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Unfortunately i have found no way of solving this problem.
Getting very frustrated now. 😕

Are you having the same problem ?
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I have found the solution.
I was messing around with the Redistributables last night and i figured that you can add a merge module.

If you have the merge modules for crytal reports. All you have to do is browse for the module and add the crystal reports.msm and then it will appear in your redistributables where you can add it too your project and build it. Then when u install it the runtime will be installed along with your solution hence enabling your crystal reports to run.

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