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Level 8

Creating msi logs

Is there a way to create msi logs at some certain location even when the msi is NOT run with msiexec switches?

So when a user dbl clicks the installer, I always want the msi to create a log in the installdir location for example. the installer will run with windows installer 3.0 or later.

Thanks in advance.
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Level 10

I don't believe there is any way to do that if you just run the msi, because the log file must be created when the msi is started. (In other words, you can't start a log file from within an already-running msi, from what I understand.) You could do it if you can always use a setup.exe wrapper to run the msi.
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Flexera Alumni

Exactly right; MSI 4.0 and later support the MsiLogging property for creating a log file, but earlier versions require logging to be initiated externally to the MSI.
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Level 4

This may or may not help, but the user also has the option of setting the following registry key:


This automatically enables logging.

David Cole
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Level 8

Thanks all...
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