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Creating a custom dialog and updating config file

I am evaluating InstallShield 2010 Premier. So far the tool does everything I need, except for one last thing. I am trying to create an installation file that prompts the user for certain information, i.e. an IP address, and update that information in a config file. I have added the config file to the project using the XML File Changes option. I also created a custom dialog. But I cannot get the dialog to appear in my project and update the value in the config file. I have read a couple of threads in this forum and still can't get it to work.
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Check the user's manual


If I can give you a hint, just check the user's manual.
Chapter 14 covers the user interface.

  • page 666 shows how to display a dialog in an Installscript or Installscript MSI projects.
  • page 683 describes the same for Basic MSI projects

The user's manual can be downloaded here if you haven't already done it.

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Re: Creating a custom dialog and updating config file

Thanks for the response. I will read through manual for more information.
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