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Level 8

Creating a Switchboard for selecting setup programs

I don't know if this is possible within InstallShield.

I'd need a switchboard to install multiple setup files on a CD. It would be the first thing that runs on the CD to give users a list of products, their current status, and a button/hyperlink to launch individual installation programs, BAT files, whatever:

  • Product A (installed or not installed)
  • Product B (installed or not installed)
  • Product C (installed or not installed)

Based on what they chose, it would launch the appropriate setup file on the disk. I can't combine it into one setup program because each setup is managed differently. The status can be determined based on registry settings that get created by each installation.

After someone clicks on an item and installs the program, the page would ideally refresh to indicate the change in installation status.

Not sure where to start. Thanks.

P.S. This is currently handled by a legacy Wise Installation form. I'd like to replace it with InstallShield.
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Level 13

This sounds like a job for InstallShield Suite / AdvancedUI installer!

The premise is that you gather a collection of prerequisites and different installation packages. Based on conditions selected in the UI or determined by searching the local system or any other type of logic, you can set the install state for different features and / or packages.
I have a package that installs things like SQL Server 2012 Express, .net framework, our main application, and an application that checks for product updates. All of these are separate packages and what gets installed depends either on system searches or what a user specifies during the install.

This is the best tool that I have found to accommodate this requirement.
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