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Creating Install Shield Package through TFS Build`

Hi ,

I am able to create install shield package with my application binary files.

I would like to create installshield package from TFS build . Can someone help on this

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THanks. Any idea it would be helpful with TFS2017
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Also do we have any installshield build templates in TFS2017? Thnaks for your help in advance.
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Hi @mcpdeveloper443 ,

 InstallShield does not provide any specific build template, you can use the default template provided by the TFS and can configure to build your InstallShield project through MSBuild script. Then configure the MSBuild script in the default template projects field. InstallShield supports for MSBuild as well command line build(IsCmdBld). Ensure, your build agent is installed with InstallShield\SAB to build it through the TFS.

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