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CreateProcess() with Install shield 2011 is not working.


We have migreted project to Install shield 2011 from Install shield 12.

We observed that with install shield 2011 below function fails,

This is existing working function of install shield 12.

This function is written in setup.rul(script file) called by install shield.

Does any body know about this, why Kernel32.CreateProcess() is not working with Install shield 2011.
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I don't really know why CreateProcess doesn't work for you but maybe you can try ShellExecuteEx or ShellExecute. Works for me in 2011.
hope this helps.
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I have the same problem after upgrading from IS8 to IS2014. Still trying to figure out why my apps called using CreateProcess are not running.

This entire upgrade process from 8 to 2014 has been a fiasco. So many problems...
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