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Create a silent installation package

I am creating an Advanced UI Project and wanted to make it a silent exe installation package. Is there a way to achieve this? Please help if there is one!
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Level 5

Anyone??? Anything???
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I am not sure what you are asking.

1. Do you want the Suite package to always install silently (no UI at all). If so then you need some type of wrapper around this suite package that will launch the setup with a /silent switch and pass in all appropriate command line options.
2. Do you want one of the packages of the suite to install silently. If this is the case you need to identify the silent/quiet command for the package in question. All MSI packages install silently by default. There isn't a need to include a /q in the Install command line. For EXE packages the command varies from publisher to publisher.

For creating a wrapper that can be installed silently, I have used 7z to create a configuration file and silent self-extracting executable.
To do this I had to first make sure that I downloaded the 7z extra package that includes support for SFX, self-extracting executables.
Then I added a step in my build process to create a zip file of the setup.
After that completes I then have to create the self-extracting file.

Here is my batch file option to create the zip file:
"%ZIPDIR%\7z.exe" a ac.7z -t7z -sfx7zS.sfx *.exe

DESCRIPTION: a (archive)

This will output a file named ac.7z. This is not a self-extracting executable yet ... next ...
For this step you need a configuration file that calls your executable with all appropriate command lines, such as /silent
COPY /B "%ZIPDIR%\7zS.sfx" + "CONFIG%" + ac.7z Setup.exe

This step uses the COPY command as a binary file type.
Files included in this copy command are the 7zS.sfx, your configuration file, and your archive file
Setup.exe is your target file name.

For the configuration file I just created a simple text file in my project directory:
Title="Amazing Charts with MedFx Install"
BeginPrompt="Do you want to install Amazing Charts with MedFx?"
RunProgram="ac.exe MEDFX=YES"

The key part for you is the RunProgram section. For me I needed an install that simply includes the property MEDFX=YES. Your needs are going to be different BUT will include /silent.

Hopefully this helps.
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