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Could not load Picture: Failed to create empty document

I have IS2015 Express SP1 installed on Win10.

All running well until today. After starting the application this message is displayed.
"Could not load picture C:\ ... \0409 Express\ vbExpessToday.png"

Click OK and then "Failed to create empty document" and the application closes.

Have tried uninstall and reinstall, The referenced picture file is in place and can be opened OK.

Run as administrator does not help.

Any ideas?
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Level 2

Turns out this problem is a WIndows 10 issue.

I have since found other applications such as Visual Studio 2017 crash at start up.
In the case of the VS 2017 crash, the reported error was faulty module KERNELBASE.dll

The following work around solution works for me .

Set up a new user account on the same machine. IS2015 Express runs fine if I log in as the new user.
The problem as reported persists if I log in as the original user.
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