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Costing, InstallLevel, and sequencing

I have a basic MSI project wherein we use information entered in the Customer Information dialog to determine what features should be exposed to the user.

The catch-22 is as follows:
In order to properly activate Features in the Selection Tree, CostFinalize must be called after the Customer Information Dialog to recalculate Feature Conditions.

In order to properly show feature costs in the Custom Setup Dialog CostFinalize must be called before the Dialog Sequence containling the SelectionTree begins.

In my current implementation, the "Next" button of the Customer Information dialog (1) Validates the input fields and sets a property upon which all feature conditions depend. (2) If the input is valid calls (2a) fileCost, and (2b) CostFinalize. (3) Goes to next dialog.

This properly recalculates Feature conditions, and features are properly displayed when they are supposed to be, but file costs are not displayed. Instead the string "Compiling cost for this feature..." is dispalyed.

Has anybody doene something similar? Any suggestions?
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Level 10

I should point out that this problem only exists in Vista. The costing behavior works fine in XP.
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