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Level 8

Copy an InstallShield project?

I have a Basic MSI project. There are new requirements to add further functionality to the installer, however, the current installer needs to be maintained as well. So I wanted to create a second InstallShield project that is exactly the same as my current one, just a different project name basically, and then add new functionality to that project.

Is there a way to do this? To either clone or import the entire InstallShield project into a second project?
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Level 4

There is no actual method to export some features or components from one project to another project but we can try copy and paste I guess some times it wont help us I tried too.

The second way is try open the both the project files(probably ism file or xml file) in notepad or wordpad and try to copy the required section from first project and paste into the second project.
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Flexera Alumni

Would File > Save As do it?
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Level 4

RobertDickau wrote:
Would File > Save As do it?

Hi Robert, would original and cloned installations work correctly if installed side by side? Everything in them will have the same IDs. Well I can change the Product ID, but all the components, features, folders, etc, will still have the same IDs.

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