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Converting WISE project to Install Shield

Hi All,
I have a WISE install project which I need to migrate into Install Shield project.
Can, anybody help me with this as I have no knowledge about Install Shield neither
about WISE Install System. What products /Tools would I require to achieve this migration?
Does using Repackager will help me achieve this?
I followed this link :
But was not sure whether it would work as it is an old Post.
Kindly, guide me through this process?
Thanks in Advance.
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Level 13

I am in the process of converting a Wise MSI project to InstallShield Basic MSI.

While InstallShield offers a tool to 'repackage' the install, it basically executes your existing setup and then tries to evaluate the system changes performed by that installer.

I found that this was not effective nor maintainable.
I have ended up creating a new Basic MSI install for our main application. Since we require distribution of third party redistributables such as Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express and wanted to allow the user to select if this should be installed or not, I ended up creating a Suite/Advanced UI installer that wraps the main MSI package plus all the prerequisites for SQL Server and our application.

So the process is not as simple as running a utility and 'poof' you have a compatible InstallShield setup and is in some ways more complex than simply starting a new install because you have to mirror the component structure of the Wise installer; providing that you have a MSI install and not a Wise Script install.
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