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Continue download the package when internet is getting connected back

Hi Supports,

How do I handle Installshield 2019 Advanced Suite installer(.issuite) to continue the packages download process when there is an internet interruption during the download process.

Let's consider below scenario:

  1. The installer code file(.issuite) got 20 packages to download from server.
  2. While executing the installer, the installer will download all 20 packages first, before starting to install it one by one.
  3. While the installer download the 10th package, the PC internet got disconnected.
  4. It will prompt an error message and ask user to proceed to close the installer UI.
  5. User rerun the installer again, the installer will start from 1st package to download but not continue from the 10th package that it was stopped before.

How do I:

  • Make the installer to prompt "Retry" downloading the 10th package
  • Or I can rerun again the installer to continue downloading the 10th package
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