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Configure a web service extension in IIS?

I can create a website in IIS 6.0 without a problem in the ISLE IIS view, but I'm not certain how to go about adding a web service extension with this version of the product. I see that an ASP.NET v4.0.30319 extension has been added in IIS after the installer installs my site, but it is prohibited by default and I have to manually allow it.

How can I configure an ASP.NET web service extension to default to "Allowed" in my installer project?
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Hello Brandon,

In InstallShield Limited Edition Web Service Extension View is not provided under IIS. InstallShield Limited Edition supports creation of one web site per installation.

InstallShield Premier/Professional Edition supports creation of more than one Web site per installation and also include support for managing IIS application pools and Web service extensions.

InstallShield provides enhanced Web services support. If you add a project output (any project output) from a Web Service or Web Application project, InstallShield will prompt you to add the project as a Web Service. If you choose No, the project output that you have selected is added normally.

Kindly refer the help library by navigating to InstallShield LE –> Help. Search as “web services” and you would find the required documentation.

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