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Level 6

Config File not replacing while upgrade

Hi ,
We have created a Installscript MSI project, the version of the setup is and it has two dlls with version and a config file.
Now we made some content changes to that config file and build that setup with version and the dlls versioned to, but nothing we changed to the functionality related to these dlls.
Now while upgrading from to the config file is not replacing while upgradation, we can see the old stuff in that config file even the dlls got replaced .
Can anyone tell me why the config file is not getting upgraded? And what we need to do to replace the config file while upgradation.

K V Suresh
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Level 7

It may be because your config file has a newer date than the one in the msi. If that is the case it will not be replaced, unless you have file versioning on your config file.
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