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Conditionally download a prerequisite based on user input

Our application has a prerequisite to install a named instance of SQL Server. The prq would check to see if the instance name exists and if not install it. I now and have a requirement to:
Have the installer displays a dialog box asking the user if they want to install SQL Server locally
- if the answer is yes - the installer goes on its merry way and installs sql server and the database as it does today
- if the answer is no, the installer asks for the server name
verifies it can connect .
then asks for the ReportServer URL
verifies it can access the report server.

Can I conditionally install a prq based on user input? Where would I do this? Do I make the prq a feature prerequisite?
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Level 2

anybody have any ideas?:confused:
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Level 8

Try adding pre-req to a feature and you can use FeatureSelectItem(), to select the feature based on user selection.
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