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Level 7

Component not installed

I have a 2012 Installscript project. I added a component that contains a SQLite database file. For the Destination I created a variable . In the FirstUIBefore function I used FeatureSetTarget(MEDIA, "", "C:\\DemoDB").

When I ran the install the directory was not created. I then modified the script to check for the existence of the directory and if not found created it with CreateDir. I ran the install again, the directory was created but the file in the component was not copied into that directory.

I then tried creating the folder in the Files and Folders view and inserting the file there also. When I run the install that does not create the directory or copy the file.

Do I have to create the directory and copy the file into it manually? I can do that but thought surely Installshield could handle that?

any help would be appreciated.

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Level 8

Did you get the return value of FeatureSetTarget()?
What does that say?
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Level 7

The Help for FeatureSetTarget() says it always returns 0 . Is there some other way to determine what FeatureSetTarget is doing?
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