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I posted this in the IS 2009 forum late last year. Now that we've upgraded to a newer version of InstallShield I'm reposting it here in the hope that either Flexera have added a new feature or that more eyes will see it:
In the InstallShield process I've just taken over, I'm need to alter the "Shared", "Permanent" and ".NET Scan at Build" properties of each component to specific settings. Rather than laboriously working down through 30-40 items, is there any way to change the defaults for these values?

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No defaults, I use direct editor or edit XML

I am not aware of defaults for these values in the IDE (on InstallShield 2012 Spring or as I recall using IS2009/IS2011) however in general I set my project file format to XML in General Information. Then I find where a setting like this is saved and edit it directly in the XML (or using the Direct Editor) when I need to make many similar changes to a project. (Make a backup copy of the project file first.) For changes of this nature that I need to do once (when cloning a project for another project, etc) I use notepad++ or similar tool to edit the XML. For more frequent changes that are too inconvenient in the IDE I write a simple VB or C3 tool that uses XPath to parse and edit the XML.

The 'Share' and 'Permanent' properties are flags in the Attributes column of the Component table. See MSI Component Table. I did not find where the .Net Scan on Build setting is persisted yet. That is the one I would like to see defaulted to 'none', as it just slows down the build even when the component is marked as not being a .Net assembly.
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