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Component Condition based on users input

I want to start my application when the user logs on if user wants to do so.. Basically I will create a registry entry under CurrentVersion\Run key but the component should have a condition for the user's choice. I put a check box with a property associated with it at Setup Type dialog or Custom Setup dialog but it doesnt work.

The reason is probably that the conditions for components are decided before that I just guess?

Could anyone help me with this?

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RE-sending this..
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The installer evaluates conditions at the cost finalize action. The UI runs before that. So you haven't got a sequencing issue, you more likely have a condition issue.

What you need to test is the appearance or dissapearance of the property for a checkbox. A lot of people make the mistake of checking true/false or 1 and 0 etc.

If your check box property is called MYPROPERTY, your condition for checked is simply:
or to test for unchecked then you want:

To default the check box to checked then add the property with any value to your property table. To default the check box to unchecked then delete the property

Hope this helps
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