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Level 4

Commandline option handling

Is ter any option to read the options given by the user in commandline and set it to some pubilc property say for example "STARTFROM"

Installshield automatically creates the log file in the %temp% folder in the name given by user but i want to capture the value given by user in commandline and log it.

for ex:

setup /s /v"STARTFROM="

The installer will fail due to the invalid option given by the user

i want to log STARTFROM=
in the log file.

Please suggest some solution
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Level 7

You can add this in the property in property table as a Public Property and set the value.
Based on your requirement you can use the property value.

Hope this might help.
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Level 6

Once the setup is executed with the value for the property, then you can write a custom action which executes at the beginning to retrieve the proeprty value. Thereon you can use the same for your manipulation...
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Level 3

MSI property values are recorded in the MSI log file unless the property is listed in the SecureCustomProperties property. You don't have to do anything special for the value of the property to be written to the log. If you are not seeing your property in the log file you may need to change your log settings.
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