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Check Version IIS


In Installshield 2009 [Installscript Project]

a Message box pops up after the "OnFirstUIBefore" Function saying:

"This setup requires Internet Information Sever 4.0 or higher...."

Is there a way to make this message box pop-up at the beginning of the installation.... ie before the OnFirstUIBefore function or before any other function? .... so the user dosnt have to fill out all this information in my script before finding out that they need IIS installed and they have to do it all again. :confused:

Please let me know

Thank you

Aaron 🙂
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Level 5


has anyone came across this at all?
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Level 4

I'm using IS12 and the check happens as soon as the installer starts.

My suggestion would be that you call OnIISCheckRequirements() from the OnBegin function.
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