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How to check whether MySQL (particular version) is installed in target machine or not

I am creating Database Installation Project using InstallShield 2009
I have two requirements

1. To check whether MySQL is installed in the target host or not
2. To check a particular version of MySQL

Please help me to implement these prerequisites validations.
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I can check the existence of MySQL and its version using Registry Values.
But the problem is MySQL is not only required to be installed in local machine. It can be there in any machine in the network. The machine can be recognized using the ip or the hostname.
How to access the registry values of a remote machine.
Please help.
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I have established a connection using RegDBConnectRegistry successfully.
But when I am accessing the registry values using functions like RegDBGetKeyValueEx, it is giving Access Denied error.
The problem may be that Remote machine doesnot have permissions on the registry.
I have to access a value of a key of a remote machine on the network.
Please help.
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