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Level 3

Changing shortcut display name at run time

I want to change the shortcut display name at run time based on a property supplied by IsCmdBld.

The display name has to be a string, but as far as I can tell, strings can't be changed at install time -- I've tried "Program Name [SHORTCUT_NAME]" and it creates a shortcut with that literal name instead of replacing [SHORTCUT_NAME] with the appropriate property.

Is there a way to change the shortcut display name (or any other values in the string table) at run time?
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Level 9

The "Display Name" in InstallShield maps to the "Name" field in MSI Shortcuts

It is a Filename data type and thus you cannot embed a Property to resolve to a value at runtime.

You would need a Formatted data type in order to do that. Such as Arguments. You can use a Property in a Formatted data type but not in a Filename data type.

The Formatted data type is a text string that is processed to resolve embedded property names, table keys, environment variable references, and other special substrings. The following conventions are recognized to resolve the string:


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Level 3

I ended up creating different components for each shortcut and filtering them based on a property. See
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