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Level 4

How to Delete UsrClass.dat file

Hi all,

I am working on Install shield Basic msi, i want to delete this file During installation, is their any possible ways to delete this file.

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Level 9

The RemoveFile table has been part of MSI for a long time now. It supports the WildCardFileName data type.

Accessing this table in InstallShield versions before 2015, maybe 2014, you had to use the Direct Editor and build up the table oneself.

Now - in 2015 and newer you can go to Files and Folders, as one example, and in the right hand pane you can left click and choose "Add File Removal..."

Still not as easy as WiX with its RemoveFile element

But, you can build a string using [System32] for the folder name and the hard coded file name.

I think Microsoft recommends NOT deleting USRCLASS.DAT since that is a user specific data file for profile settings. The old saying "Just because it is possible, does not mean it is a good idea" might apply in this case.


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