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Change the version number from the CMD line

I have a Basic MSI install I'm working with. The version in the project is 5.00.000 right now. We run an automated build everynight and this gets a build number. When we were using installshield 2010 and installscript we had a function in our automated build that would change the last section of the version number to match our build number, example 5.00.011, 5.00.012 and so on.
I have tried to open the ISM file and change this manually but when I do it does someting to the file that makes it no longer work in installshield.

So is there a way to change this version number from a batch file or command line before building?
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Level 5

I have a several builds that do this. The build opens the ism file and scans for the old version number. When its found, its replaced with the new number and saved.
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Level 12

If you have not, please refer to ISCmdBld.exe.
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