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Change the default Drive C:/


I want to change the default C:/, to some other drive. For example, i need to install the installer in the F:/ drive that might not exists in the current system, but in the  "choose the installer folder" in the pre-installation phase need to show the non-existing drive i.e F drive. 

If the F drive exists then the installer should install, otherwise while clicking next it should throw an error saying drive doesn't exists need to change the drive.

What i'm trying to do is, currently my installer is installing in C:/some_folder as default, but i'm trying to make F:/some_folder as default. i have added "new set property"  in the custom action  i have set the property as F drive. But while installing it gives out the error saying F:/ doesn't exists.


Thanks in Advance.


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Hi @kingraj ,

PLs refer the below link to change the INSTALLDIR

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