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Change Version Number - Limited Edition

VS Limited Edition help says can change version number using VB script. The script on this page is the same as in Limited Edition help:

It works fine on an MSI file no problems, but when I try to do it on an ISL file (sample line below), it fails with a not-very-helpful error

Set pDatabase = pInstaller.OpenDatabase("C:\xxxx\Setup2\Setup2.isl", 2)

VS Limited Edition help clearly says this should work on an ISL project file. Here is a quote from the help page:

"Although the product version number in an InstallShield project (.isl) file or a built .msi file cannot be changed through the command line, it can be done using VBScript. The code sample below changes the version number in either a built .msi file, or an .isl project file. Changing the .isl file causes all .msi files built from that .isl file to have that build number in them."
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Level 17

Since .isl project files are always saved in the XML file format, the sample VBScript in the help topic doesn't work for the type of project file. Note that .ise project files are always saved in the MSI file format. I submit a documentation work order #IOA-000124851 so that it will be corrected in a future release.

Thank you for reporting this.
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