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Change Source Location in Merge Module (MSM)

I have a merge module (just the MSM file, not the source) from a vendor that is needed by our product. When I build the uncompressed installation that uses the merge module, I receive a number of warnings that indicate the Source4 Location property needs to be set as there are file conflicts:

ISDEV : warning -5061: The filename "D:\v8build\Client Installer\Package\Uncompressed\DiskImages\DISK1\System32\somedll.dll" already exists. Use the component, "Component.GUID" Source Location property to prevent this warning.

I have asked the vendor to update the Source Location property for the merge module to prevent this warning, but they refuse to update it.

Is there a way I can alter the merge module (MSM file) to specify the Source Location property so I can prevent this warning, and so I could actually build a patch that would work correctly?

I did not see any way from the UI as the Source Location property does not appear on the Component, probably because it is a compiled merge module. Would it be possible to write a script to alter the contents of the merge module so I can correct this issue? Any other thoughts?

Robert O'Brion
AT&T Labs
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I am facing same problem, If u got answer for the same kindly mail me, It may very helpful to me . . .

Thanks in advance ...
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