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Change File Description of the setup.exe

hello everyone.

We're using Installshield 2010. Now the setup.exe being created by the installshield does have "Setup Launcher Unicode" as file description.

Is there a way to change "Setup launcher Unicode" to a custom description?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards.
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I have the same problem...

I have the same problem and I see no one is answering...
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Re: Change File Description of the setup.exe

One of the new features in InstallShield 2011 is the ability to use custom information for the Setup.exe properties. So, if upgrading to InstallShield 2011 is an option, you might want consider that. Here's a help topic that has more information:
Customizing File Properties for the Setup Launcher

InstallShield 2010 and earlier versions do not have any built-in support for customizing the Setup.exe properties.
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