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Level 6

Catch upgrade in installscript?


I am building an InstallScript MSI project.
I use OnFirstUIBefore and OnMaintUIBefore to catch these events.
This seems to work OK. However if I build a new setup.exe and run this, I am told that this setup will perform an upgrade. The events above are not activated. Which event should I use to catch upgrade??

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Level 10

For pure InstallScript projects these are 'OnUpdateUIBefore' and 'OnUpdateUIAfter'. Should work if they will work for InstallScript MSI projects.
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Level 6

Yes There is such an event, but using it in my script, the compiler complains that function has no prototype delcaration!
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Level 4

Does putting

prototype OnUpdateUIBefore();
prototype OnUppdateUIAfter();

at the top fix it?
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Level 6

It does not solve the real problem.

It will compile now, but still the event is not triggered during upgrade!

What I don't understand is the the OnUodateUIBefore event is regocnized by the installscript editor (the name is higlighted as the other known events), but it is not recoknized by the compiler (You have to prototype it).

Does anyone have a clue?

Update 02.01.2008: No action on this thread! - Is it because there is no solution or what? How do I contact Macrovision directly?
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Level 5

I'm having the exact same problem. Does anyone know a workaround?
Level 8

I'm trying to figure out the same problem.

After the "This setup will perform an upgrade..." message, if there isn't a specific event for it, is there something one can add to the OnBegin event to tell it's trying to perform an update? 

We need to distinguish this from an attempt to uninstall.


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