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Level 2

Cannot open InstallShield 2014

InstallShield window is not opened. Attached is InstallShield2014_not_opened.log with part of InstallShield.log file related to last attempt to open InstallShield.

License updating info:

Order Number : SSF-0000481856
Date : September 03, 2019
Account ID : MSF-0001418708

Please check ASAP because we cannot build MSI for the next our product version.

Thank you in advance


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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Looks like some problem while contacting license server to reactivate your product. You can try below offline return and activate process:

1. Open a command prompt in admin mode and cd to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2014\System'
2. Type 'TSconfig /return /no_internet' and push enter - A window should appear which has a request code to deactivate the licence.
3. Save this request code and visit the Offline Activation Web page ( Follow the instructions to browse to the .request file that you saved. When you click the button on the Offline Activation Web page to submit the activation request and obtain the activation response file (.xml), Save it and make it available on the machine on which you initiated the activation process.
4. Re-open the InstallShield software when you have the above activation response file (.xml), and Proceed to the Offline Return dialog, which has a Response text box. Click the Load button and select activation xml file.

Repeat above steps for the activate command as mentioned below

TSconfig /activate /no_internet

You can contact Flexera Support if above steps are not working for you.

Or contact via mail,

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