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MSIX template missing from Visual Studio

I do not see project template for MSIX in Visual Studio.  I started with the eval version and the MSIX template was available.  I purchased the pro version and applied the license and template disappeared.  The project template does appear in the native InstallShield UI.

How do I reinstall the templates?


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Hi @datarocker,

MSIX project is available in Installshield premier edition. In your case, you have activated the professional version, hence the MSIX template is not available.
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I'm confused by this - the edition comparison chart clearly states that MSIX projects are included in Professional edition.  I just purchase Pro and need MSIX support.  Did I make a mistake?

Here's the link to the comparison chart:

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Hi @datarocker ,


Looks like that is a bug,it has been raised and will be fixed in upcoming releases regarding Visual Studio template.

It can be tracked as part of IOJ-2069708.


Though there is a work-around for IDE-issue which i hope you are aware already 🙂




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Jenifer, what is the work around?

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