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Level 8

Can you extend the Try-then-Buy days?

What if someone installs my product with the trial wrapper set for 30 days. They never use it, come back 45 days later and want to start experimenting. The software will no say "sorry, go buy if you want to use me..." and of course, they won't. So they contact us, we need to give them another 30 days. How can this be done?

If someone gets to the 30 days, can then uninstall, reinstall, and reset the 30 day counter?
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Level 9

The 30 days will start at first use. So if they NEVER used it, they still have 30 days to evaluate. However if they launched the program once, and then go away for 45 days, their evaluation period has ended. In the Try&Buy view you can enable extension of the trial period using a password.
Stefan Krueger
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