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Level 4

Can we upgrade features selectively?

I have a requirement as described below:

There are two features F1 and F2 in my msi.

During a major upgrade, user should be able to select either F1 or F2 for upgrade. If he selects F1, F1 should upgrade and F2 should remain with old version.

Is this possible? If so how can I achieve this?

When I try using FeatureRequestState("F1")=3 during upgrade, F2 is getting deleted and vice versa. FeatureRequestState("F1")=-1 does not work, the code fails during upgrade at this step.

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Level 4

Major Upgrade steps

Basic MSI package

Change Product Version , Product code and Package code relevantly.

Create the package as full setup and run on top of existing version . In dialog sequence add Setup type dialog in Sequence and in that dialog it will ask you prefer the setup you choose custom and select required to upgrade.

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