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Can't generate compressed InstallScript with IsCmdBld.exe

Hi, I have an InstallScript project, it generates a compressed .exe file with custom name from the IDE, but when I build the same project from the command line using IsCmdBld.exe, it generates an uncompressed installer without the custom file name.

The command I'm running is:

IsCmdBld.exe -p MyProject.ism -r Release

Is there something I'm missing to generate a compressed exe file?

Thanks in advanced.

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Level 3

I find a solution to my problem, I used ReleasePackager.exe

However, I have to apologize because I was looking for compressed file in "Media\Release\Disk Images\Disk1" just like Basic MSI project.

I just realized that InstallScript project generates the compressed file at "Media\Release\Package"

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