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Can't Skip Sql Scripts Connection

I was previoulsy using InstallShield 12 to package a product that would add a Microsoft SQL Server database as part of the installation (using a SQL Script). If the user did not choose a Server at that step and clicked [Next], it would simply skip the addition of the database. That is what I want to happen.

I am now looking to upgrade to InstallShield 2012 Spring SP1 because of issues we were having with InstallShield 12. I believe I have everything working correctly but it no longer allows the user to skip the database creation step. When the user clicks [Next], it tries to find a server with no name and returns an error message of "...not found".

There is a box to "Allow installation to continue when minimum requirements are not met". I tried checking this and it has not effect on it. Is there anyway to change this?
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Level 17

You can accomplish it by changing the condition of the control events for the Next button control on the SQLLogin dialog as follows:

  • Go to the Dialogs view.
  • In the Dialogs tree, find the SQLLogin dialog under the All Dialogs node.
  • Expand the SQLLogin dialog node and select the Behavior.
  • In the SQLLogin Dialog Behavoir pane, select the Next button control.
  • Change the condition of the DoAction and NewDialog events as follows:
    [table="width: 700, class: grid, align: left"]





    Hope that helps.
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    Level 2

    Thanks for the guidance but I'm wondering if this is only half of the solution. I was playing around with these events and was able to get passed the SQLLogin screen. However when it came time to install, it was still trying to create a database on a Server name of blank.

    What I ended up doing was adding a Script Condition (on the Runtime tab of the script) of: IS_SQLSERVER_SERVER<>"". It looks like it is giving me what I want now.

    Thanks for you help!
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