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Can Product Version be programatically updated?

I am using Visual Studio 2012 to build multiple versions of my product (x86/x64, debug/release) and I also build 4 Install releases.

VS creates a for four digit version for each version, e.g. 4.3.4967.20444. The 3rd/4th can be decoded to the date/time the VS build was done.

InstallShield allows a 3 digit Product Version.

Is there a way I can programatically have the IS version updated to match the first 3 digits of the VS version whenever I do a "total rebuild in Visual Studio" that rebuilds all VS and IS projects?
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Yes. Pass the version to the -y option. e.g. IsCmdBld.exe -y 1.2.3 ...
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Thanks for the pointer to iscmdbld..

My VS project creates four output folders for my code
and my two IS Basic MSI projects Setup64 and Setup86 each have two releases under the Releases | Default Configuration

My VS config manger does four builds for IS
Project Configuration
Setup64 Release
Setup64 Debug
Setup86 Release
Setup86 Debug

I assume I have to invoke IsCmdBld four times. What combination of -a and -r values do I need to use to get the same results as doing the IS project builds within VS?

Within VS the IS projects bascially create an MSI using all the contents of the bin folder.

Using ISCMDBLD it does not appear that the contents of the bin folders are getting into the msi.

How do I emulate the VS build process using iscmdbld?
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