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Can Execute Custom Action on Text Change?

I want to validate the user's activation code so that I can insure they have purchased the application. To do that I have created a custom action to call into a DLL. That is working. However...

I do not know how to make the custom action fire when the user changes the content of the text field. I would really like to be able to enable the "Next" button based on the changing content of the text box in which the user entered their code. If the code is valid Next is enabled, otherwise Next is disabled.I do NOT want the user to have to push a button to forcefully validate, nor do I want them to push Next to then receive a message saying that the code is not valid.

Is this doable with a Custom Action? If so, how?

If this is not doable with a Custom Action how should this be done?

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If you have not, please refer to this thread.
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It is possible. Where is the validation exist in custom action dll or install shield script code.

If it is exist in the custom action action dll, send me the user changed text as argument in the dll validation function at the tine of dialog initialization. The validate the user entered text send the response to the install script.
Based on the response enable the next button.

Manoj kumar Unnam.
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